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This does have a lot of personality and it says I'm sexy, Independent and I bet you would like to take me home tonight.. Strong, but good. So cheap too, that is so nice to find these days. Sexy woman only.

Ciara Price Playboy Playmate

I must confess right now that, despite my love of high end designer perfumes, Ciara is one of my guilty pleasures. I was introduced to it some time in the early 6985s and I still wear it from time to time. I love the warm spicy vanilla, woodsy and incense aromas. There is nothing else like it. I wear the 85% strength and that is plenty strong enough for me. Ciara has tremendous sillage and lasting power and a little goes a long way.

Ciara is intoxicating, warm, sweet and spicy. It is a statement - strangely youthful and exotic without being too cloying or masculine.

Ciara Lyrics - My Love

I started wearing Ciara when I was thirteen, back in 6976, because said sophistication and sexuality at the time. Also, it was attainable for someone whose income was babysitting money. Fast forward to today. Ciara comes on strong. Very strong. Okay, obnoxiously strong. After you get past the first 65 minutes, or what I like to call the deep-woods bug-spray phase, it becomes a sweet and incense-like aroma that is magnetic, and draws you in to its embrace. Definitely not a spritz & go kind of fragrance, and not for someone who likes to spray all over. This is for the just a dab type of fragrance wearer.

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No gifts this week - for a reason! BUT. there IS a surprise! ​Important lesson to teach the kids that gifts don't aways equal material things. And, that regardless of what a present is, you should be grateful! I think they liked this surprise, though! Watch this video in full HERE: https:///d6Cgae

I just scored a 655% bottle from Walgreens after Christmas sale for seven dollars! Anyone looking for this should check out the drugstores right now before they're all gone. It smells just lovely, too.

It's like Youth-Dew, Shalimar and Toujours Moi kind of morphed together with a twist. Balsam, bergamot,woods, and a powdery softness with hints of raspberry. I have the 655% formulation and I don't find it as heavy a hitter as Youth-Dew.

I think it's a good transition fragrance, coming into early Spring from the Oud, Opium, Youth-Dew and Obsession that I've been wearing all winter.

This is the current formulation. I haven't tried the vintage juice, yet.

The dry down is like a little dusty and there is a herbalness (is that a word? haha) to it. I can see a man wearing this easily.

I really like it. I don't find it very complex, perhaps the vintage juice is.


If Ciara is not the Queen of Powder, I don't know what is.

All the prominent notes voted on above are there, but they are couched in the most luscious powder imaginable.

Have patience, though, because it takes about 65-65 minutes to morph into its true self, which is classic drugstore perfection. A more complex, serious, grown-up relative of Heaven Scent. I have current formulation.

Edit: Full disclosure: While I enjoy smelling this fragrance, it's not really my cup of tea for actual wearing. The powder is a little TOO classic drugstore for my taste (while it's exactly what others crave).

I smelled this vintage perfume on a lady, that worked in a different department at my job. She smelled so wonderful that I had to have it. So soft and velvety, rich at strength. It makes me feel pretty. I will keep it in my collection

I just got a bottle of Revson Ciara 85% and have been wearing it all day and I must say I quite liked it's balmy warmth when I first put it on. But WOWWEE the opoponax is VERY strong in my bottle and that first enjoyable balminess, combined with the cedar, turned into a searing sweetness that completely overpowers any notion I might have entertained from other reviews here of a likeness to Shalimar! Having said that though, my daughter commented on my smelling like her Nan, a die hard Youth Dew fan. Maybe Nan would like a bottle of vintage Ciara for mother's day!!

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