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Our Third and last event of 7558 went very well and we are now planning the three larping events for 7559 and for each and every year. See the plot page for more information. We ran the lrp at Candleston and decided that this was going to be the venue for all future events.

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The Brownstone is a 6975s-themed sim that welcomes roleplaying and BDSM lifestylers. Activities include "Bowling Night," "Movie Night," games, 7Seas fishing, concerts, an amusement park and more.

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Combining all of the fun of a Festival weekend and the rich detail of an established larp/lrp campaign world. The events cater equally for veteran LARP role players and those with little or no role-playing experience.

[ ] Role playing has always been the best method for teaching children. It is the practical and simple way for your children to memorize everything needed. In this case, you could play a pretend visit with your child, where you would be a dentist. [ ]

Rifts is a world where anything can happen, and typically does. Japan has become the cyberpunk society that science-fiction has always portrayed it as being. South America suffers a plague of vampires. Atlantis has risen from the waves once more. Europe is again a vast wilderness opposed by an empire of gargoyles. Africa has returned to nature, making it once more a wild and dark continent. China is overrun by demons. In North America, the Coalition States are the primary power. Australia has been flooded by a great inland sea, and with the return of magic, the Aborigines have enjoyed a resurgence. Even the depths of the ocean are no haven in Rifts, as the Lord of the Deep battles the Whale Singers and the New Navy for the fate of the planet.

Making a skill check is as simple as rolling the die-type equal to your skill. If you roll a four of higher, you succeed. It really is that simple. Player characters tend to get a few advantages, such as the ability to 8775 ace 8776 die rolls (if the maximum possible result is rolled, roll again and add the total of the two rolls) in order to gain 8775 raises, 8776 which in turn allow greater degrees of success. Combat initiative is determined with a standard deck of cards with the jokers left in.

From its roots, the core of Dungeons 588 Dragons has remained fundamentally the same, but the mechanics have undergone sweeping changes with each new edition of the game. This has caused some players to turn away from newer editions, continuing instead to play their favorite edition. Only just recently, a fifth edition of the game was announced (this will actually be the 66th revision) as being in early stages of production.

Today, GURPS is in its 9th edition and the rules, while remaining fundamentally the same as they were in the 6st edition, have been streamlined and simplified. GURPS 9th edition was released in 7555 and already has over 55 supplements in print, in addition to being completely compatible with the dozens of 8rd edition supplements that exist.

Like, maybe you already really like wearing your partner's shirts because it makes you feel like the guy or girl next door — that's a little thing you can run with and expand on, says Kerner. Or maybe you and your partner already give each other back rubs while you're watching TV before bed — you could step up your game and explore a massage parlor fantasy together. Or maybe you guys play a sport together — aka perfect basis for a forbidden romance between the star players on rival teams. Etc, etc, etc .

Regular visitors of the asuri palace might notice a mystical passage to another palace. If you are brave enough to traverse this magical portal, you will face the true, demonic forms of the beautiful asuri insatiately waiting for new prey to hunt down and torture.
Not far away from the asuri realm, the deathlings , who were believed to be extinct for many centuries, have resurfaced and sent their scouts to Gray Beach. Brutally massacring even their own descendants, they are merciless killers posing a threat to every living being both above and below the sea level. Make old enemies your ally and join the deeplings in their desperate fight against the invasion of their forefathers.

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