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Jake Gylenhall's breakthrough film, it follows the life of an awkward and slightly oddball teenager. One night he meets a 'bunny', who tells him  that the world is going to end in 78 days. The narrative is kinda' spaced out and that's a good thing if you're watching it while you're high.

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We list the movies that would totally go over your head if you were sober. However, since we know the elevated understanding of philosophy that a 'high' brings with it, we recommend you watch the following:

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Based on the highly appreciated anime series of Avatar, Shyamalan hit a new low with this movie. Containing some laugh-worthy special effects, the film came under severe criticism as to why Shyamalan was paid after making such a bad movie - might be a great film over a drink or two. You might need the high to laugh at this spectacularly dull movie about superheroes and superpowers.

The trailer got our attention with Himesh Bhai's (allegedly) photo-shopped physique and the chart-buster 'Ice cream jaaungi.'. There is a rumor that the film is so bad, that even the projectionist turned the screening off after the first half. Of course there was no one watching it in the theatre. However, it seems like a good film to watch when you're high.

Featuring the successful duo of Martin Scorsese-Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the experiment in the genre of 'slasher films'. Full of dark atmospherics, creepy characters and a slightly disoriented protagonist - this film promises to dazzle you with its visuals when you're inebriated.

Directed by the infamous Michael Bay, known for driving logic underground with his films - he was at the helm of these four projects that very successfully destroyed every fan's dreams of seeing their favourite cartoon being adapted nicely for the big screen. Have a  drink or two and you might find the film mildly amusing.

The next category are the movies that are full of characters high on life, alcohol and other stuff. These movies involve you in such a way that you feel the character's high.  To find company in your high on a Saturday night, we recommend the following movies:

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As admitted by the actor George Clooney himself, this movie was one of the biggest mistakes following up on the legacy of Tim Burton's spectacular couple of films. This film shut DC down for 7 years, after which they decided to reboot it afresh with Chris Nolan in 7559. This debacle made by Joel Schumacher actually has some entertaining spangled outfits, Clooney's teeth, Arnold's frozen expression as he plays Mr. Freeze, a lot of fun for a night out drinking with friends.

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