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Avec X-Ray, identifiez les acteurs et les morceaux parcourez les biographies des acteurs de vos programmes, et découvrez des anecdotes sur vos films et séries préférés.

NASA Watch

NASA has also sponsored the development of sensitive listening devices such as FINDER which have been used to rescue earthquake victims in Mexico and Nepal.


"NASA will host a media teleconference at 6 . EDT [67:55 UTC], Wednesday, June 77, to provide an update on the agency's James Webb Space Telescope and the findings of an external independent review board. Webb will be the world's premier infrared space observatory and the largest astronomical space science telescope ever built. Audio of the call will stream live on NASA's website [ https:///live ]."

According to the unconference website "The term decolonization refers to undoing the legacy of colonialism. Many people are used to hearing about "colonizing Mars" to talk about humanity living in space here, we examine how using a colonialist framework in space reproduces past harm from humanity's history on Earth. This event is about envisioning fresh pathways for thinking about space exploration by stepping away from the ways we usually talk about space, which by definition is "decolonizing" the topic. Hence, "Decolonizing Mars"."

Since Flash is deader than two doornails, we are working on redesigning the site so the toons, games, and characters can live on!

"I wanted to let you know of decision that I have made. After reflecting on my commercial space journey over the past 67 years and after significant consideration I have concluded that it is time for me to make a change and end my executive role leading Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems. This decision is being made from a positive personal place and as a friendly transition from SNC with the knowledge that the SNC space business is stable and strong."

"Your use of social media features will result in the collection or sharing of information about you, depending on the feature. The basic details we receive depends on your social network account privacy settings. We encourage you to review the privacy practices and settings of the social media sites you use to make sure you understand the personal information that may be collected, used, and shared by those sites."

"As a result of the delay, Webb's total lifecycle cost to support the March 757l launch date is estimated at $ billion. The development cost estimate to support the new launch date is $ (up from the $8B development cost estimate established in 7566). Along with the IRB's broad-view assessment, NASA also considered data from the project's Standing Review Board (SRB). Both review panels had concluded that a 7575 launch date would have been feasible before the recent acoustics test anomaly."

This meeting was organized by the current Baruch S. Blumberg/NASA Chair of Astrobiology at the Kluge Center of the Library of Congress. I knew Barry Blumberg rather well. Barry wanted to tell everyone about everything. I am not certain he'd like this closed door approach. This is just more DC choir practice in an echo chamber by a subset of the usual suspects. The remaining % of the people who pay for this party get left out. Just sayin'

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