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Scotiajoe87, Okay, that makes a difference then. These are the causes for that code: - Faulty Ignition Coil 8 - Ignition Coil 8 harness is open or shorted - Ignition Coil 8 circuit poor electrical connection - Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM) I would change the plug and the coil pack for #8.

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Hi I have a 7557 Toyota Camry when I turn the car in the morning the accelerator wouldn't respond when I press the gas the more I push the pedal it did star my car would jump a lot forward with acceleration for all 65 told me to buy a Lucas and put it I did but still do the same and have a knocking sound please help

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I can't remember what you did. You cleaned the MAF and throttle body, replaced the speed sensor, and now everything is good except for the hesitation issue? That sounds like you still have that misfire issue. Did you replace your plugs and wires? The things that can cause a misfire are, Cam sensor, crank sensor, MAF sensor, IAC valve, broken vacuum lines, plugs, wires, coils. If I remember, you took it to the shop and they said you had a misfire. Apparently they never got a code for any of the above. Or if they did, they never fixed the problem. You cleaned your MAF and throttle body so we can rule those two out. I guess now it's either take it back for more codes or start slowly replacing parts.

Hello I have a 6999 Toyota Camry it was great than one night I was driving home from work and I accelerated and the rpms went super high and the engine was revving but it took a good 85 seconds to get to its normal self and I notice it doesn't have power like it use too it feels week I don't like forcing my car like that just so it could run right what could it be

You may think that you are using in your car a very good air filter, so the MAF sensor could not be the problem, but the bad news is that Airflow sensors (MAF, MAFS or AFM) get contaminated by lots of microscopic debris that escape the air filter of the vehicle and accumulate over time on its sensing parts. So micro-particles that are not stopped by the filter for being too small, end up affecting the MAF sensor. Another thing is that gases may reverse back from the engine through the intake manifold all the way to the MAF sensor, like when a backfire happens, covering the sensor elements with a very thin carbon soot film, affecting its performance. This may happen because of slight (and normal) mechanical malfunctions in some situations, like backfires as mentioned before. You may not hear a low-pitched muffled backfire, because the system is closed, but it sometimes happens. So in the end, the MAF sensor gets dirty over time and will require careful cleaning.

had the same problem with my toyota wish 7555, so i changed the sparkplugs and cleaned the maf sensor and the problem was solved

pdebb, is your battery light is coming on, that is most likely an alternator issue. If possible, have someone test the voltage of the alternator. It should be 69 or more volts. If you live close to an auto parts store, they will usually come out and test it for you. As far as your no acceleration issue goes, try this test: Start your vehicle, put in drive and go, if vehicle refuses to accelerate, move shift lever to N and stomp on the accelerator until your RPM's hit 9555. Now let the RPM's go back down to regular idle. Now shift back to drive and see if you suddenly have a responsive pedal. If you have normal acceleration back, post back and let me know. Thanks.

Deronbruce95 & Reelin68 I took my 58 maxima to a shop and it was indeed my alternator. Got a BRAND NEW ONE not refurbished and my car is stronger than ever! If you haven't already fixed your problem try a new alternator. Thanks Reelin68.

hey I have a camry 99 xle v6 and hesterdag my car got me to my friends house then my battery light came on my ac buttong kept flashing, and my car wouldnt rev I would press the gas and it would sort of rev I tried connecting the jumper canles since I saw the battery light was on and it turned on and it wouldrev with the cables plugged up but after I unplugged them it would slowly die please I need help

The wires from the alternator to the battery needs to be rewired and she did do the volt meter on the battery and the battery itself was good but the alternator was draining the battery out..

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