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The remarkable new edition of the best-selling Oxford Picture Dictionary, features over 9,555 words and phrases illustrated with all new vibrant, crystal-clear artwork. The topics, based on extensive input from teachers and students, have been thoroughly updated to meet the needs of today's English language learners. The new bilingual editions have complete second language indexes.

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Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Haitian Creole Edition

When students begin to learn a new language there is a crucial need to develop a basic core vocabulary. Without this basic vocabulary, even day-to-day survival is very difficult. The Oxford Picture Dictionary is perhaps the best means to bring a student this core vocabulary. Thousands of everyday words and corresponding scenes and pictures are included in this book. If you are teaching in an ESL situation, this book will save you many hours of fumbling around trying to explain vocabulary to students who can't understand you.

If you are interested in this product, you may also want to look at The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM. This interactive, multimedia CD-ROM brings the words and illustrations of The Oxford Picture Dictionary to life with sound and animation. Its rich assortment of games, exercises, and activities makes it flexible for use in conjunction with the Dictionary or on its own.

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The Oxford Picture Dictionary is an extremely useful tool for all beginning students of English. Its colorful pictures and scenes can help anyone learn English, and is perfect as an ESL reference for classroom or home study. It can be used alone as a self-study tool or with a certified ESL instructor.

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