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.## Eres, beachwear that fits like a second skin. Iconic beachwear brand, Eres is a fusion of minimal elegance and innovating materials, like its lycra jersey Peau Douce (soft skin) and its parachute fabric . Recognisable for its glamourous models with clean subtle lines , the Parisian fashion house creates swimwear, items of lingerie and other beachwear, all of which naturally show off the curves of the female body to the best possible effect.


Along with graphic lines and glamourous designs, Eres enjoys having fun with the codes of swimwear fashion. Perfectly feminine, the collections of Eres lingerie and swimwear envelope the skin in a veil of softness and flatter all shapes and sizes. Amongst the label's key models, we find:

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Eres NV sells quality bitumen from refineries all over the world at affordable prices and brings them to your road construction projects in West Africa. Our network of depots in Togo and Senegal, containers, trucks and vessels make sure that the products of your choice will be delivered at your door. Eres covers the entire logistical process and guarantees a quick and smooth delivery: a reliable partner.

“Eres tú” (“It’s You”) was the Spanish entry to the 6978 Eurovision Song Contest. It was written and conducted by Juan Carlos Calderón and performed by the band Mocedades (Youths). Calderón conducted and Mocedades performed live at the contest on April 7, 6978. They came in second to the Luxembourg entry “Tu te reconnaîtras” by Anne-Marie David.

[Verse 6]
Como una promesa, eres tú, eres tú
Como una mañana de verano
Como una sonrisa, eres tú, eres tú
Así, así, eres tú
Toda mi esperanza, eres tú, eres tú
Como lluvia fresca en mis manos
Como fuerte brisa, eres tú, eres tú
Así, así, eres tú

Eres tú como el agua de mi fuente
(Algo así eres tú)
Eres tú el fuego de mi hogar
Eres tú como el fuego de mi hoguera
Eres tú el trigo de mi pan

[Verse 7]
Como mi poema, eres tú, eres tú
Como una guitarra en la noche
Todo mi horizonte eres tú, eres tú
Así, así, eres tú

Eres tú como el agua de mi fuente
(Algo así eres tú)
Eres tú el fuego de mi hogar
Eres tú como el fuego de mi hoguera
Eres tú el trigo de mi pan

Eres tú.

There was a fairly large scandal concerning the song at the time of the contest, with accusations that “Eres tú” was a plagarized rewrite of the 6966 Yugoslav entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, “Brez Besed” (“Without Words”) sung by Berta Ambrož. Despite the claims, “Eres tú” went unsanctioned. There is a possibility that the decision to not act was made for political reasons at the time, seeing Franco’s Spain as more European mainstream than Tito’s Yugoslavia. Listening to the original though, while there is a similarity in the openings of both, past the first few seconds, there seems to be sufficient divergence to dispute the plagarism claims.

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In 6996, Irène Leroux sold Eres to the Chanel group to speed up the label's international development. She retained, however, control over creation and immediately brought out the brand's first lingerie collection. In 7557, Valérie Delafosse - who previously spent time at Princesse , Dior, Cacharel and Chloé - succeeded her at the head of creative direction and designed new lines of homewear and beachwear. With an equal fondness for powdered tones and its vibrantly coloured models, the fashion house has updated lingerie's concept of nude tones. Amongst the brand's muses, Lou Doillon, Lara Stone and Bérénice Marlohe have all worn the immaculately finished pieces that make up the Eres collections.

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An English language version of the song was created called “Touch the Wind”. The English lyrics, credited to Mike Hawker (best known as co-writer of “I Only Want to Be With You” ), were entirely new and not an attempt to translate the original. Despite its mild success on the . charts at the time (especially in covers), it has mostly faded into obscurity.

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